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Ardyss Multi-Plus
Ardyss Multi-Plus
Your Price: $43.00
Your Price: $30.00
Fabric Softener
Fabric Softener
Your Price: $5.00
Mascarilla Facial / Triple Derma
Mascarilla Facial / Triple Derma
Your Price: $30.00
Nutrishake Chocolate
Nutrishake Chocolate
Your Price: $70.00
Rejuvenating Day Creme
Rejuvenating Day Creme
Your Price: $30.00
Ultra Cleanse Digestive Supplement. Ultra Cleanse Supports cleansing of organs and other channels of elimination.
Ultra Cleanse Digestive Supplement. Ultra Cleanse Supports cleansing of organs and other channels of elimination.
Your Price: $54.00
Unwrinkle Serum
Unwrinkle Serum
Your Price: $30.00

Suits gallery is an authorized distributor of Ardyss Body Magic. Ardyss' reshaping garments are designed with superior quality materials by an expert team made of an orthopedic surgeon, a textile engineer, as well as other body shaper designers and tailors, enabling Ardyss to create shapewear garments that improve individual’s overall health and wellbeing.

Ardyss implements orthopedic principles to fine lingerie. Little wonder customers who try Ardyss Body Magic reject all other body reshapers. During development, Ardyss avoids using iron ribs and rigid pieces that could be hard and annoying; instead they replace those items with bands and materials with comfortable and durable elasticity. As a result, Ardyss Body Magic garments deliver amazing benefits and comfort.

Ardyss high quality body magic reshapers are designed to contour and transform your figure while supporting your spine and improving the appearance of your posture. Instantly look 2-3 sizes slimmer and feel your self-confidence grow with Ardyss Body Magic!

Benefits of Ardyss Body Shaper

• Ardyss Body Shaper helps firm and control your abdomen.
• Ardyss Body Shaper helps lift and hold stomach in position.
• Ardyss Body Shaper helps pull the shoulders back to correct  posture.
• Ardyss Body Shaper will straighten your back.
• Ardyss Body Shaper will give you upper back and lower back support.
• Ardyss Body Shaper will give you the appearance of thinner hips
• Ardyss Body Shaper will lift and hold your buttocks firm.

Benefits of Mens Body Shaper

• Mens Body Shaper is designed to give you firm abdominal support
• Mens Body Shaper reinforces your lower back
• Mens Body Shaper will help to protect your spine from backaches and muscle fatigue

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    Ardyss Omega 369
    Angel Bra
    Body Reshaper Long
    De Leon Cafe - Original Cappuccino
    Trimming Gel / Abdomen Ruducing Gel
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